Spray-on procedures can be utilized to seal any kind of. You can use a sealer that is water-based with pavers laid with joint sand. If you would like to give stones a darker or shiny appearance, use a solvent sealer.

The application of every sealant individually, as indicated on their packaging. It is a good idea to know that you can use these sealants in the event that temperatures on the pavement are between 75F. For determining the pavement’s temperature, you can point an insulated thermometer just a couple of inches above the ground.

The spray method for concrete allows you to apply the sealant 50 to 60 square foot at each time. Start at the rear, by the garage’s doors. After that, work your way to the back of the road.

It is not necessary to employ the spray method to apply paver sealing. In order to give the sealing the appearance of a surface, employ the nap roller alongside the sprayer or mix both. beugrpznix.

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