Patch management

While Apple has its own Configurator tool that enables users to effectively configure as many as 30 iOS based devices at once, often a stronger iPhone management solution is necessary, particularly within the corporate world. Companies and educational institutions are expanding their BYOD policies and are welcoming them more, even in the classroom where both school districts and students benefit. However, to ensure compliance across an internal platform a strong and effective iPhone management system is necessary. This could come through patch management, which uses patch management software to update and repair devices, or it could come straight from an iPhone security solution.

Either way, a mobile device management protocol is necessary, since it cuts down on the issues iPhone users have in the workplace or on their own. This type of solution addresses the security risks present with these devices, helping to effectively cut down on these risks while also saving businesses and institutions money. With almost 1 billion users of smart phones around the world, now is as good a time as any for these institutions to invest in strong iPhone management programs.

The iPhone has not yet caught up with the encryption capabilities that exist with BlackBerry devices, where there are myriad factors used to break through encryption aside from entering a user’s PIN number. Until that day arrives, companies must employ stronger and more efficient iPhone management protocols. This is necessary both to protect their own data and to help their employees protect what is theirs.
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