Flatbed tow trucks

The towing industry in the United States is huge. The Towing and Recovery Association of America is made up of more than 35,000 towing businesses from across the country, totaling somewhere around 60 thousand employees. The need for a tow truck business in every town is not exactly surprising. America has been the epicenter of automobile production and use for a very long time now. It seems like everybody has at least one car to get them to work, to their vacation spot, or to their morning coffee.

The tow truck was invented in 1916 by a Chattanooga, Tennessee resident by the name of Ernest Holmes, Sr. Since that time the tow truck business has become an indispensable part of road safety for American drivers throughout the country. Towing services are usually provided by emergency road service operators looking to help out people who have had their cars stall in transit to wherever it is they have to go.

However, the use of tow trucks is not nearly so limited to customers experiencing mechanical failures on the highway. Flatbed tow trucks are often used as a means of transporting a broken down vehicle from owners’ driveways to their nearby mechanic where it can be restored to driving form. Often trucks are used to take cars that no longer have a use to a scrap yard. Perhaps one of the most popular uses of a tow truck business is the cleanup of damaged cars after a big wreck. In these instances the cars can be delivered directly to an autobody repair shop or to a scrap field, depending on the severity of the incident.

Of course, no conversation about towing would be complete without mentioning those people who have their vehicles forcibly removed from a site for their illegal parking. This seems to be the single context in which people think of the tow truck business in an unfavorable light. Even so, it is just one of many necessary services they provide.

For those in California looking for towing San Jose and other cities offer customer friendly, affordable services for whatever issue you may be having. These tow truck businesses are just some of many that are formally trained in towing in order to maintain safety, correct operation, maintenance, and customer service. You can’t go wrong with a company that is trained to handle difficult situations efficiently.

The tow truck business is an integral part of the American business landscape, both for its economic presence and the important services it provides to its customers. We are a country of cars, and thereby a country that will need this essential service for a long time to come. Read more blogs like this: bbautotow.com

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