A Youtube channel Bob Vila, talks about the design of fire sprinkler systems and cases with professionals in the industry of fire suppression.

Frederick Grinnell, who invented the fire sprinkler system in 1850, for mills that were in use is the person responsible for its origins. The piano manufacturer was the first to get one installed for fire protection.

This particular system is composed of air pressure. As opposed to other sprinkler systems which contain water within all the pipes, the system in the video uses greater air, which is ideal for environments subject to freezing. The pressure of air is sufficient to keep water from rushing through pipes.

The sprinklers in use today won’t turn on if there isn’t a burning flame in the vicinity. Every sprinkler head contains an insulated glass bulb which will expand and shatter if enough temperature is put into it. The system releases air pressure to allow water to be able to flow through pipes and remove any sparks. olees7imu9.

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