EquiEvolve Coaching focuses on the benefits of using pellets of wood for horse stalls.

Bags containing wood pellets are generally 15kg, or 33lbs. An average box stall will require between six and ten bags, especially if you begin with a completely empty box. Additionally, you’ll need water. Each brand of wood pellets require a specific amount. Water aids pellets in swelling and create a fluffy mattress.

The water can be added to the pellets inside slightly open bags to allow them to be able to fluff. Or you can put the pellets in an empty bucket and add the water. For better absorption of urine certain horse owners like to set dry pellets onto the places where horses are most likely to urine. Once the pellets dry, they are spread over any remaining stall.

If the pellets have been soaked for ten minutes and still appear firm, pour in an additional splash of water, then wait another ten minutes. Continue this process until your bedding has become fluffy. The pellets can be combined in with other bedding for a more cost-effective bedding. f6t679pub2.

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