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Are you one of 85 percent of Americans, according to, that commute to work each and every day using their beloved automobile? Americans love their cars for the ease in getting to work it provides them and for the sense of freedom it grants when taking any kind of trip. For this reason, 95% of Americans own a car, according to Robin Chase of the Living Book.

The fact is that 14.4 million cars and trucks were sold in 2012 alone. People need help to maintain them. Whether you are a gearhead who loves taking care of your own vehicle or a layperson wondering how to talk to a mechanic, quality radio car shows can help. Here are three of the best.

  • Car Talk Radio
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    The Car Talk radio show was a staple of American radio car shows for 25 years, according to the LA Times. Click and Clack, known in real life as Ray and Tom Magliozi, took calls from car fanatics and general users. They listened to humorous stories, shared repair advice, and gave people really great places to start and negotiate from with their mechanics. While new episodes have stopped being produce as of June 2012, the series is still in syndication and serves the States with a quality source of humor, information, and a way to pass the time in the car.

  • Under the Hood
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    Nordstrom’s Under the Hood has been an incredible source of automotive radio for 22 years. The series is hosted by Chris, Shannon, and Russ. Taking callers from around the country, the group answers questions about repairing vehicles of all types. Having trouble with the exhaust on your 1969 Dodge Charger? Under the Hood can help. Do you have to take your 2003 BMW Z3 to the dealer to address that awful rattling under the bonnet? These guys can give you an educated guess on where to start so your mechanics do not take you to the cleaners.

    If you are an avid home mechanic, this quality source of auto radio can also provide you with more technical details on how to fix up your machine. This hybridization of service to gearheads and laypeople alike is one of the things that sets Under the Hood apart from other, more jargon-filled sources.

  • Sam’s Garage
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    Sam’s Garage is a two-hour radio car show produced in Georgia. It is syndicated across a wide variety of stations all across the country. What sets Sam’s Garage apart from others is the fact that Sam Memmolo, the show’s host, also answers listener questions about RVs along with the more usual car and truck questions. If you are a cross country RV traveler, this is the best source for you.

Whether you are a hardcore home mechanic or just a lay person looking for someone to steer you in the right direction, radio car shows are a great place to turn to. They can humor, educate, and entertain you while you are on your lengthy drives to work or your vacation destination. As an added bonus, all three of these radio car shows offer podcast versions of their shows so you can take them with you wherever you go.

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