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If your new salesperson, with a 60,000 dollar salary, turns out to be a dud, that can cost you six to ten times their salary, or over 360,000 dollars. Hiring mistakes can be critical issues for any business depending on their sales force to increase profits.

Finding the best sales people might be a smoother process when using executive recruitment firms to help recruit and hire. Executive search consultants focus on identifying the right candidates and can help eliminate less qualified applicants quickly as you gear up for hiring sales reps.

With executive recruitment firms, they are able to analyze your business and potential sales gaps to target the appropriate candidates. Additionally as part of the continuing process, they are uniquely positioned to provide further training and sales management oversight. Finding the right recruiting firm can be just as important as recruiting your sales force.

Typically, 5 different follow ups need to occur for 80 percent of non routine or longer cycle sales. That means that you have to identify prospects that can maintain the discipline and tenacity to stick with different sales opportunities. Frequently the executive recruitment firms can use testing and analysis to find those prospects among the less qualified people. They are also adept at looking beyond experience to find those individuals that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Depending on your interview strategies and preferences, you can have a substantial amount of prescreening done before you ever talk with viable candidates. For some, this efficiency in the process allows them to focus on other operational tasks as part of the process. Regardless of where you are in the process to recruit and hire new sales people, you might be able to gain greater efficiencies using an agency that has a database of potential prospects. Read more here.

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