Car ports

Carports are covered structures such as metal garages that are employed as a means of protecting automobiles from the elements. They were first used by Prairie School architects in 1909. Carports were originally called auto spaces, as suggested by a Minnesota architectural firm. However, the name never stuck.

Carports are normally made out of metal, specifically, steel, which has become an increasingly popular material for agricultural structures such as barns. Steel has many advantages over traditional wood when it comes to both agricultural structures and garage buildings. For example, steel has become the number one choice for structures used to house boats because steel protects boats from UV damage. As well, steel does not rot like wood does.

Another reason that steel has become so popular is that it is ecologically friendly. On an annual basis, Americans recycle more steel than plastic, paper, aluminum, and glass combined. Steel has always been the material of choice for metal carports because steel is extremely sturdy and reliable, and as well, steel does not rust as readily as other forms of metal, such as iron, do.

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