Wedding reception

Do you know why the bride traditionally stands on the left during a marriage ceremony? Well, back in the olden days, and I mean way olden days, the groom needed his right hand to fend off other suitors with his sword. I am not sure if this is romantic or scary. Another interesting tradition, which is a bit less violent, is the symbolism of the wedding bouquet. Roman brides carried bunches of herbs to represent fertility when they got married. Today, we get bunches of lovely flowers, and very rarely do we include herbs. Can you imagine a sprig of oregano adorning your roses at weddings by the water? And, the first mention of wedding bands was recorded in 2800 BC in Egypt.

Going forward to more modern marriages, and weddings by the water or other such locations, did you know that on average 7,000 marriages take place each day in the United States? Fortunately, very few of them involve swords or herbs in the bouquet. And, surprisingly fewer than 20 percent of brides hire a wedding planner. They are finding their own locations in Virginia Beach for their weddings by the water. Many brides and grooms are also doing their own event planning for weddings, including finding the perfect beach for weddings by the water.

Wedding receptions are an important part of any wedding ceremony and festivities, including those weddings by the water. When planning weddings by the water, you may consider having the reception at a nearby bar or restaurant, or even right there on the beach. Include some tropical cocktails and creative food that highlights weddings by the water, and your reception will be memorable.

There are many other Virginia beach wedding venues for waterfront weddings that maybe just what you are looking for. How about getting married aboard a yacht or ship? You can have the reception onboard or you can have your guests dropped off at a lovely reception venue where you will dance the night away.

Whether you are looking for weddings by the water venues, or a church wedding, you can simply find event planning resources for all sorts of ideas. Oh, and tell the groom he probably will not need a sword.

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