If you are looking for testosterone replacement therapy, you could use a few different methods. Treatment with oral testosterone used to be an issue. It was believed that the formulas caused liver damage and reduced the absorption. Many oral testosterone replacement products can now be used in a way that is more comfortable for body. If treatment with oral testosterone isn’t your style, you’ve got other options. Gel therapy is an excellent alternative. Gel therapy is applied to your skin using the form of a gel, creme, or cream. It’s maybe not as effective as oral treatment, but many experience great results. The testosterone gel could cause side negative effects for some individuals. For example, if you rub the gel onto your arms then later rub over your spouse or children it could cause them to absorb some of the hormones. It is also possible to inject hormones. Even though it’s painful and complicated at times injectable hormones are an effective means of replacing testosterone. fcl5vkfkdv.

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