Mber will let you know the many causes that could make a drain infected. Hair, soap, leftover foods and shampoo are all possible causes. It is best to avoid pouring grease, oil, or other food items into your drains to avoid it from getting clogged. It can lead to blockages since the items can get stuck in the drainage. To collect small fragments of food, you can also add a drain stopper within your basin. This small change may save you a big hassle later on. If your drain is already blocked there is a simple solution to get it fixed. This video will help you understand how to unplug drains without the use of harmful chemicals.

Baking soda and salt are the most popular ingredients for clearing drains. Before pouring the mixture in the sink, they must be mixed in equal quantities. This mix can trigger an organic reaction to assist in cleaning out the drain. When you’re finished, switch to the heating source and allow it to be running for a few minutes. It’ll wash all the debris off the sink.


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