The sun’s shining the brightest in this season, yet most Americans feel the need to close their blinds and relax all day long. Lethargic patterns are a symptom of depression in the season, also known as seasonal affective disorder. Although it’s more frequent to see people suffer from symptoms of depression that are seasonal during colder months, there’s few people that experience the same symptoms during the summer months instead. It can be difficult to get up in the morning and walk out. This video will help you overcome summer blues , and stay in good health.

Be cool. Switch on the air conditioner or even open a door. In excess heat, you can experience harmful health issues. Be aware of the impact of sunlight on your health and follow a consistent sleep schedule. Though it is appealing to sleep each night, it only causes more depressive symptoms. You can read books and distract yourself with calming things to stay awake until it is time for sleeping. Avoid the desire to become isolated. If you are only required to text, make it a habit of communicating with your family and acquaintances every single day.


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