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37 percent of Americans have never moved from their home town. Do you really want to be a part of that percentage? If your home town is New York City, sure, that is okay. You can move all over that place, once a year, and have something new to experience. But, if your home town is that dinky little town in Upstate New York where I grew up, spread those wings and fly, little birdy.

Sure, moving is one of the worst things that anyone can have to go through. Worse than being audited by the IRS. Worse than having your appendix burst in the middle of an elementary chorus concert (I had a kid in my grade have that happen, not pretty). I would rather be trapped in a room with a tiger than have to move again. But, sometimes we are not given the option of staying in on spot for the rest of our lives. Apartments change hands. Leases end. Jobs require relocation, and the military move is not uncommon.

The United States Bureau of Consensus has found that 15 percent of the US population moves each year. And the lowest amount of people that have moved in the recent past was 34 million people in 2007. That is the lowest it had ever been since 1959. But, as new developments are coming about to make moves easier, more people are moving more often. Such technological advancements as moving pods. Pods moving and pods storage is the way to casually be able to fill your storage device, at your own pace, and then have it moved for you. Moving pods take the frantic rush out of getting everything ready and done in four hours.

The convenience of moving pods can go hand in hand with just simple planning ahead. There are resources of online calculators that allow you to figure out the overall cost of a long distance move. This allows you to plan far enough ahead that you will be sure to have enough funds to get everything done, and have some additional change in case of the unexpected. Which is almost inevitable on a move. Another simple plan ahead step is to get all of your valuables, like cash, jewelry, heirlooms, and even important paperwork, all packed and stashed in your car so that you know exactly where they are. If the car is too full and you do not want them in the moving truck, you can always get them sent via a trackable, insured shipment service.

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