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It is expected that by 2014 smartphone use in business shall increase by up to 62 percent . At present, Android platform alone powers more than 250 million smart phones globally. As such, you should see a significant increase in your employees bringing and using their device in the office. With this trend, you might want to consider a mobile device management solution to ensure that you are protected from the risks associated in employees use of their devices in the workplace. Here are some facts that you might want to consider.

In a survey conducted recently by IBM found that 75 percent of IT managers are in favor of Bring Your Own Device or BYOD policy. Their reason is that it increases productivity. This is not surprising since a flexible work environment, such as adapting a BYOD policy, can actually increase the productivity of employees by up to 20 percent . On the other hand, not adapting the policy can actually lower the morale of employees. As such, many organizations or companies are accepting the fact that their employees bring and use their mobile devices in the workplace. However, one of the greatest challenges of widespread adaptation of BYOD is security.

Security is one of the major issues in adapting the policy. The use of mobile devices in the office can opens up the business to threats. One of these is stolen data. Then there is also the problem of the mobile devices being stolen or loss. In which case, anybody who got the phone can easily access your organizations system and database. Then of course there are the minor issues, such as privacy, compatibility of devices and others. All these however can be handled easily by mobile device management software.

Mobile device management or Mdm are software or solutions that are offered by mobile device management providers, usually in the form of device management software and cloud based device management solutions. Mobile device management basically provides security for organizations that allow their employees to use their devices in the office or workplace. The use of mobile device management solutions or software is not just limited to security. It may include management of applications, configuration of devices for compatibility and others, depending on the mobile management provider.

As such, in choosing a mobile device management solutions or provider, there are three things that you should look for to ensure that you will get the best from the use of MDM solutions. First, look for a mobile device management solution that offers all the security features that would protect your organization. It is best therefore to compare the different mobile device management providers to determine which among them offers the best security features. Second, find a mobile device management provider that supports all devices, from Tablets, to Android, Windows, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and Symbian. Third, find a company that offers solution to different sectors or industry. This demonstrates their flexibility which is essential in how easy your organization and employees can use the solutions.

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  1. Maybe the majority of employees want to use their phones in the office but I am not one of them. I feel that the company is exploiting my phone. I dont know it is just the way I feel.

  2. Maybe the majority of employees want to use their phones in the office but I am not one of them. I feel that the company is exploiting my phone. I dont know it is just the way I feel.

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