Best motor oil

If you are wondering where to get oil changes, there are a few facts about motor oil that you should be aware of before determining the best place for an oil change nearby. First of all, the EPA notes that the improper disposal of used motor oil equals about 200 million gallons per year, and that poorly disposed of oil can make its way into streams and other waterways, floating on top and blocking sunlight and oxygen from sustaining the life below. Needless to say, these unfortunate facts about motor oil lead to a lot of unnecessary pollution and dead aquatic wildlife annually.

The best oil change places will use re refined oil, which is found in half of all European vehicles, but in only ten to fifteen percent of their American counterparts. Since motor oil simply gets dirty rather than wearing out like a piece of machinery might, recycling your used oil can do a lot for the environment. The best oil change service nearby will offer re refined motor oil, and will also be committed to maintaining both environmental and API standards to the best of their ability.

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