A successful blog meeting is one where bloggers interact online and learn new and innovative ways of blogging. It is easy to organize a blog meeting like a webinar and share blogging insights with other bloggers. One can meet bloggers from around the globe who share similar blogging visions at these blog meetings. A blog meeting will be a success only if the convenor plans the meeting carefully. Bloggers need to accomplish some information sharing goal at these meetings. This can be accomplished only if the meeting has a specific purpose or a few specific purposes. Too many goals can spoil a meeting. When the convenor specifies a few goals bloggers will come prepared to discuss the few goals and share specific information and make the blog meeting a success. A blog meeting will also be a success if there is a specific time frame within which bloggers are expected to achieve their goals. A long winded meeting is likely to achieve very little and is often a colossal waste of valuable blogging time. Bloggers need to keep their blogs updated to keep internet traffic visiting the blog and cannot afford to waste time at meetings. Emailing a schedule before the blog meeting will save time and help bloggers log on to the online meeting after making due preparations to achieve their goals. The blog meeting convenor can give each blogger a specific time frame to share the experiences and blogging information with other bloggers. The round robin method of sharing information is a convenient way of ensuring that all the bloggers who log on to the meeting have their say and share information. An online meeting of bloggers is a good way of learning to blog share information about blogging and develop new and innovative methods of blogging. A well organized blog meeting will be a successful one that makes all bloggers who log on better informed bloggers.

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