Do you like to attend blogging events? Are you a big fan of learning about what other bloggers are doing? There are multiple opportunities to meet bloggers at multiple events, either locally, regionally, or even internationally. There are the chances to meet bloggers in subject matter you either write in, or just blogging in general. Either way, the chance to meet bloggers and network with them is guaranteed to improve your craft.

So why do you want to meet bloggers? The biggest reason is to share ideas. No one has or ever will have the best practices to write blogs, for the nature of blogging changes with the world. That is why it is so important to communicate with other bloggers, so you can share ideas, and maybe break up the solitary isolation blogging can bring.

There are a few ways you can meet bloggers. The most obvious way to meet bloggers is through spontaneous gatherings. Most bloggers, who are independent and see themselves as against the system, are open to informal gatherings. They can meet bloggers in their area through meetups posted online, spontaneous gatherings, or other informal advertising techniques. Blog meetings can even be advertised through Craigslist.

Then there are more formal ways to meet bloggers. These events are hosted by foundations, universities, businesses, and other groups interested in what bloggers have to learn from each other. The most famous of these conferences is TED, which is essentially a gathering of bloggers who happen to be major innovators. TED can cost several thousands of dollars to attend, and is prohibitive to all but the most successful bloggers.

At the same time, several groups host formal events to meet bloggers. Maybe organizers are interested in guiding innovation. Perhaps they want to rally innovators around a central cause. Either way, organizers have little impact over you once you start to meet bloggers.

There are many ways to meet bloggers. Many gatherings happen informally. Some happen at organized events. Wherever they happen, they are a place to share ideas. So if you are a blogger, or interested in meeting one, find a way to meet bloggers today.

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